Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kibuye, Rwanda... Here I Come!

I've been thinking about going to Rwanda for a long time, since before we decided to adopt. But now that we are adopting from there, my desire to experience and give back to the country just keeps growing and growing. So with the blessings of my family, I'm going next month! This has been in the works for months but I have been hesitant to commit. It seems crazy to go... why not just wait until it's time to go for our adoption... why spend the money... why take the time... why risk the heart break...

It's hard to explain but I just long to go. When you are pregnant you have the ability to feel your baby growing inside, to feel them move around, to see pictures of them inside you. But for me, I'm missing out on all of that by choosing to grow our family through adoption. And I miss it. I want to go see the country my son is from, I want to meet the people, I want to give back, I want to be close. It seems crazy but if you were in my shoes you would probably feel the same way.

I will be going with our church. We will be taking part in a soccer initiative. Our church's Orphan Care ministry helped start it a few years ago as a way to help the local churches connect with street kids. As an adopting mom, I'm super thrilled to be able to be an advocate for other orphans who need to be connected to families and to understand how big God's love is and that He has a plan and purpose for their lives.

My son didn't want to go, otherwise I would've loved to have taken with me. He would rather stay with his grandparents- both sets- the lucky boy! My husband can't take the time off work. He needs to save his vacation days for when we travel to Rwanda for our adoption (which I naively thought would happen last Christmas but now realistically think it will be this Christmas- but praying it happens much sooner!).